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On Saturday morning we arranged a fantastic coach education session with George Setterfield, an ECB Level 3 coach, who provided us with some brilliant new ideas on small-sided games and technical drills to use in our Friday sessions. As you can see from the pic, he worked us coaches pretty hard!

All the coaches at our club are volunteers. We are very passionate about delivering the most fun and engaging session for the children. But in order to provide the absolute best experience possible, we need a little bit of help on the coaching front.

We would love to have a small team of parents who are happy to join us during the sessions. You don't need to play cricket in order to help, and you would be there to assist the main coaches who will plan the full session. You would be well briefed on what the session plan was for that particular day, and you would never be left alone to run a group of children.

The key to a successful hour is to keep the groups of children down to about eight children per station. This allows for high-impact participation where there is no standing around - lots of action. But that requires a big army of coaches, and many of these small-sided games need two coaches per station.

We tend to end with a game which we can easily manage with the volunteers we have, but it's the initial 45 minutes where an extra four or five assistant coaches would prove invaluable. It would also give us the ability to give the children more individual feedback knowing the the drill will continue to run smoothly.

Cricket is a technical game and freeing up the main coach to be able to give that immediate on-the-spot feedback would be hugely beneficial to the children's cricket development.

If you would like to be involved please get in touch with Colin via our contact page.

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